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MVP Rubio not enough (69-77)

He had promised to fight and he fought. He had been signed for taking over lost action at the paint and he did. After three awful periods Estudiantes found inspiration in "the other Rubio" and the children.

Guille Rubio (28 league score) remembered the one from Manresa. The tough work from Ivanov and freshness from Jaime Fernández and kid Darío Brizuela made the court dream. Reaction would have been an unfair situation after a dominant evening for UCAM Murcia. And it did not happen.

Guille Rubio gave faith back to the bored-to-death attendance. The score from the first three blocks simply sucked (8-18, 27-44 halftime, 39-58) even if we were writing for the visitor team.

This year's league at Endesa ACB is like that. Games are rare, weird, surprising. And the red-haired bearded power forward was just about to make it. Well, not miles away from it. But almost. He scored 20 points, he grabbed 3 rebounds and forced 8 fouls. MVP of the game.

But why not before?
Fourth period made it all happen. Well, almost, let us insist. Period had a partial 309 score but, uttermost, meant the debut of prospect shooting guard Darío Brizuela. As coach Vidorreta would later point out, he showed the way. He had fourteen minutes to prove himself as a valuable ACB player. Combo guard Jaime Fernández got quickly intoxicated of the school playground tempo and clutched some shoots.

And visitor squad got on their nerves.

The local crowds assisted to it... and went home. A flagrant foul showed the limits to Estudiantes and game was gone. 64-69 was the closest we all could dream. Wouldn't have been fair, I modestly guess. Augusto Lima and shooter Scott Wood had stretched the scoring so much that no effort could make things up. Even a little.


ESTUDIANTES 69 (8-19-12-30)
Guerra 2, Fernández 7, Vicedo 0, Colom 6, Banic 8, Kuric 6, Rubio 20, Rabaseda 7, Brizuela 1, Ivanov 12.

UCAM MURCIA 77 (18-26-14-19)
Grimau 9, Antelo 2, Tillie 10, Romdhane 10, Servera 0, Wood 17, Davis 0, Lima 9, Rodríguez 12, San Miguel 8.

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