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Could not Tuenti the Canari (63-75)

Top three Endesa ACB Herbalife Gran Canaria shows an amazing display of attack resources every game. We showed an amazing marketing momentum. Basketball games are about scoring more balls than the opponent. We could just end this summary here but, there are so many things to be written! Let's get started.

It was the surprise day. Center Lucas Nogueira played after some time in the injury list. Coach Vidorreta starters were a blend of maltings and roughness with Colom, Miso, Rabaseda, Rubio and foo-fighter Ivanov. Last, the brand new sponsor appeared. Tuenti Móvil was presented at halftime. With all that implies.

Go to game. We had never seen a season game with such a starting strength yet. Estudiantes sprinted for a 14-4 thanks to Miso and Ivanov. It looked like we were the top team and Herbalife Gran Canaria looked just like landing at Madrid airport.

It all soon came to a very nicely balanced game. The canaries used all the gunnery whereas the locals employed this season's solutions, Miso-Rubio-Rabaseda projected the strong defense onto scoring. But local blues permitted too many falicities to shooters (it is happening the whole course). Halftime 30-34 was only a soft version of what was happening down there.

Tuenti means kids' communication. Coach Vidorreta sms-ed our last jewel. Shooting guard Darío Brizuela was sent there to unlock the outside line blurriness. Our leading shooter Kyle Kuric was suffering from confidence. Colom and Miso had too much to solve outside the three-point line. Jaime Fernández was being outscored and old home player Javier Beirán clutched 51-62.

Locals had the head wind again. It has been like that for the last 65 years. Neither Brizuela nor Ivanov, Rubio, Kuric or Nogueira could find a answer. What it had begun as a promising change of game turned into despair. Estudiantes seems to get out of a tunnel but there is long way to go yet. League 1-4 is a threat but there are signs of revocery. Good defense balance and new blood. And a new brand. Although, at the moment, wi Tuenti could not get the Canari.

Luis Arribas @_spanjaard

63 - Tuenti Movil Estudiantes (19+11+19+14): Colom (2), Miso (12), Rabaseda (8), Rubio (14), Ivanov (15), Nogueira (2.), Jaime Fernández (0), Banic (4), Kuric (4), Brizuela (2).

75 - Herbalife Gran Canaria (12+22+22+19): Bellas (9), Nacho Martín (9), Newley (12), Beirán (4), Baez (5), Oliver (14), Alvarado (0), Rey (9), O'Leary (9), Tavarés (4).

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