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This is Goya (104-103) (English version)

 Tuenti Móvil Estudiantes took two overtime before beating La Bruixa pD´Or Manresa. It also took a long time to realise that victories is what matters. First Guille Rubio and then Jaime Fernández ended with a game-winner layup for a wacky 104-103.

It all began with sound and fluent shooting. Last games' story. Estudiantes displayed intensity and, before anyone could say a word, local squad was leading on +7. But long distance shooting started again to be our nightmare. Difficulties on defending the 3-point line brought La Bruixa D´Or onto the game again.

Scoring paced for a predicted high nineties. Waters and Monroe leaded the shooting and Asselin seemed to be fighting for AllStar against his former mates. Only Jaime and Lucas Nogueira seemed to be able to respond with inside connections.

Coming back from halftime break was fatal for the locals. Somehow it infected the boys on red too. All of a sudden defending was the only skill available and the game entered a period of blurry basketball. Even the score table got cranky. Only a miracle -intensity- could improve that weekend evening.

And fourth quarter gave us loads of that. Tuenti Móvil Estudiantes got stronger in defense and 'chicken' Marko Banic was happy to teach how to play the ball. On the contrary, Waters and Asselin balanced with energy. From the bottom of the League standings only emotion could arise. Last minute 77-76 was the best example of it.

First OT had Josh Asselin as leading partner at La Bruixa D´Or. He clutched 10 points as impelled by an emotional force. Local reaction was Colom and Banic for a... 90-90 score. Second extra period had again Waters as Jaime Fernández as the student reactive.

When it got to schoolyard basketball, there was a chance for young combo guard. Fernández speeded and skied among the big blokes' legs for a winner layup.

Second win for Tuenti. Only eightin to go. Innit?

104. Tuenti Móvil Estudiantes
Colom (20), Miso (4), Rabaseda (4), Ivanov (12), Banic (20), Nogueira (7), Jaime Fernández (15), Kuric (10), Rubio (12).

103. La Bruixa d'Or (24+21+14+21+10+13):
Waters (16), Eriksson (7), Arteaga (0), Kouguere (6) y Monroe (17), Creus (5), Asselin (19), Alex Hernández (0), Arco (8), Larsen (13), Giannopoulos (17).

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