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Approaching Asefa Estudiantes youth teams

Youth teams, “cantera” in Spanish, are considered Estudiantes largest asset.

:: Club Estudiantes was established in 1948 starting from high school students at Instituto Ramiro de Maeztu.

:: Asefa Estudiantes statement and goals are “to build people through basketball” That also is the motto that one can read above the Antonio Magariños pavillion entrance (currently under 40th anniversary)
:: Basketball values are transmitted to player’s thorough education: effort, commitment, camaraderie
:: Currently, it hosts Spain’s largest group of youth teams with over 1.000 players. All them boys and girls receive similar educational statements.
:: Asefa Estudiantes is a so called ‘schoolyard team’. There is a true daily contact among all young school players and the pro’s at ACB and Liga Femenina teams.
This highly builds a special family atmosphere at the Magariños courts. Not only children that talk to their idols, but also pro ACB players who can also enjoy and check daily routines at the smallest teams.
:: There is a three-level basket school that hosts disabled players. This is under the patronage and impulse of Estudiantes Foundation.
The project with disabled players comes from cities such as Pozuelo (Madrid Down Syndrom Foundation), Móstoles (Amás Group , under the brand name ‘Móstoles scores with Estu’).
Asefa Estudiantes hosts ACB’s unique inclusive program. Young disabled players from these three Schools enjoy all rights as the rest of the youth teams: team official uniform, educational campus, photos, events and the amazing experience of playing at the time-outs of ACB matches, in front of a 9.000 crowd.
:: Well-known coaches and professional players have gushed out from Asefa Estudiantes youth teams such as Fernando Martín, Nacho Azofra, Carlos Jiménez, Alfonso & Felipe Reyes, Pepu Hernández, Antonio Diaz-Miguel, Aito García Reneses,  Carlos Suárez, Jayson Granger, Daniel Clark, Jaime Fernández or Lucas Nogueira.
:: Residencia de Estudiantes – managed by Estudiantes Foundation.
All players coming from outside Madrid and overseas have a special program to study at school Ramiro Maeztu. It includes a head tutor in order to make his academical and training careers compatible.
Lots of pro ACB players bring their children to Asefa Estudiantes youth teams
:: Schools to match everyone’s needs. There is a Baby Basket to enter the youth teams from 4 or 5 years old. Psychomotor education is teached to kids.
Parents can design fixed or flexible training and game patterns.
As a summary, we are proud to see our youth teams as the flagship and raison-d’etre of Asefa Estudiantes back from 1948.
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