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About Asefa Estudiantes

Asefa Estudiantes is a 64 year history basketball club, that was founded en 1948. Basketball is our method to build people.

:: Asefa Estudiantes is a 64 year history basketball club, that was founden en 1948. Basketball is our method to build people. 

:: ASEFA insurances turned into the club main sponsor on December 2009.
:: All basketball values such as teamwork, attitude for challenge and personal effort shape the player for the entire life.
:: Estudiantes was born at Ramiro de Maeztu school and we are proud to be a ‘schoolyard team’.
:: The Youth Teams (“cantera”) is Spain’s largest youth basketball structure. It is our pride and main asset. More than a thousand boys and girls play and enjoy themselves. Among them, over a hundred disabled players are taken care by Estudiantes Foundation.
:: Estudiantes Foundation was established in 2000. A first quality school named Colegio Estudiantes Las Tablas was recently opened in one of Madrid’s new areas
One of the Foundation’s tasks is to manage the players’ Residence. It is settled close to the Ramiro School and gives a chance to study and play to all players coming from outside Madrid.
:: Asefa Estudiantes is the only team that maintains top division teams at female  (Liga Femenina 2) and male (ACB) leagues.
:: Moreover Estudiantes Business Club (first established at ACB league) was created to generate business partnership between more than 125 companies for over 10 years. It offers learning and training activities but also a showroom for their public relations.
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