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English for kids (76-46)

Hi theee-e-re children from all over the world. I am here to introduce you a great pop muse. No AC/DC for your granny neither J-Lo for Pa, no Justin for your Lynn sister. Today at the Palace big divo was shooting forward Carl English. Well he had a bit of a 34-point little affair with old employers Cajasol. Gotta tell you the story. Sit down and listen.

English, MVP
English, MVP

Visitors Cajasol brought home a –30 boxscore against an exhibiting English lesson. The English firm (for a 37 league score total) forced team managers back to Sevilla thinking that, yeah –just maybe, they had sacked the wrong player. And it happened local sporting staff (experienced scouter Himar Ojeda) hurried up and signed an astonishing scorer for the students.

Line-up from Vidorreta had no strategical nightmares or rare tests. The noon session begun quickly (Yo!, children, class aready started at 12.15) with a two-three-four repeated tango between PF German Gabriel and combo dancer Jayson Granger. Cajasol scored quickly with Holland and Asbury. Estudiantes switched lights on and singing star Carl got on stage. A pack of three’s and visitors shivered. Here comes the crooner, here comes the trouble.

Old school’s coach Aíto García Reneses opened workbook again. ‘What goin’ on ladies? This is supposed to be the almost relegated relic team we screened this week’. Time out delivered no substantial change as solid back court Lamont Barnes and Tariq Kirksay had magnets to block the ball and the ideas.

Txus sent Lucas Nogueira (7pt, 5 rb, 2bl, +24) and Kyle Louie’ Kuric to intensify the arms up pressure. Kuric, what a solid work he does! The first quarter had Estudiantes scoring above 23 points for third game on a row. Visitors reacted albeit showing very little offensive capacity. Pass lines and movements ended up in heavy traffic and the game tempo decreased. But English was today’s subject at school and sent a classy lay-up for 36-28 at half-time.

The estimated 6.000 attendance no longer remembered those days when Estudiantes had so many shooting problems that games got intertwined at scarcely 70 points. The blurry shooters were theirs; the rebounds came to our well-positioned big blokes. Could we sleep tonight with a 3-0?

Sandwiches and refreshments time were over. The Demented fanclub occupied their particular Wall St. But there was one overdosed guy on the court, you could see him. He was waiting with anxiety for the ball, he tiptoed, he was a nervous claqué soloist. Captain Canada Carl sent one to the basket, then sent a second one. He stole a couple of balls like if he had studied at the Ramiro red courts. And the game was broken for a +13. Period.

The hard-working Buckman and Holland duo insisted but it was not their day. Scoring for the visitors was down below past year’s standards. The solid centers, remember, children, used hips and backside work to push the white-dressed players. Kirksay and English teacher showed the young fellows Kuric, Nogueira & Granger how to use hands and arms all around to provoke a final 9 – 20 turnover balance.

Cajasol gives up at the beginning of last quarter. Three-pointers from Kuric and English (32pt, 7/11 at 3p, 5 fouls against) smashed any intention to make up the final score. The party was complete when Estudiantes reached +21 and yet a whole lot to be played. Spectators barely remembered Cajasol limited with a 7-point last quarter score. It was not even lunchtime and locals had it ready: 60-39.

The master and the apprentice, Kirksay and Nogueira reigned at the paint. Hands up children, you’d better have a good defense to work such lovely fast breaks. English and Jaime Fernandez laid balls to reach +26. And the fans exploded: We want the kids. There you go, boys. Teenagers such as Vicedo and Guerra filled up the stats with their first minutes at the League. This is a schoolyard team.


ASEFA ESTUDIANTES 76 (23-13-17-23)
Fisher 3, Fernández 4, Granger 8, Gabriel 6, Kuric 9, Vicedo 0, Guerra 1, Kirksay 4, English 32, Barnes 2, Nogueira 7


CAJASOL 46 (15-14-10-7)
Tepic 0, Triguero 4, Asbury 9, Burjanadze 0, Satoransky 4, Balvin 2, Sastre 0, Bogdanovic 9, Buckman 5, Holland 11, Radicevic 2.


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