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Big fish, little pond (74-87)

There is little to argue according to the principles stated last week.

It is very easy to go with the big fish. It would frequently eat the small one unless we realise the big one bloke has extra tools to smash any medium-sized.
That happens in this league season and that happened again in the capital derby. Real Madrid CF had far too many ways to squeeze the scoring players of local team. It is a question of cash.
A low scoring average (39% FG, 35% 3P) is a clear picture of what we try to define here. Even twelve-thousand cheering fans agains three hundred silent visitors (and one spy) cannot turn the pan with all that variety of players. The key was to stop English and the visitors had up to three wolves at it. If Asefa Estudiantes brought the ball to the paint, there it goes a bunch of towers. It is so easy ...
Though, it wasn't a parade for the multi-millionairs.
A fabulous atmosphere created a promising start. Despite a hypermotivated start, Carl English showed the path to the children.
Granger and Nogueira against the glam and glitter of the football stars and live TV. Visitor coach Pablo Laso had to stop it to a call with 14-8.
The former guard and sometimes criticised coach gave serious instructions to that all-star quintet: R. Fernández, Llüll, Begic, Suarez, Mirotic... If it wasn't enough, the second set of veterans was ready there. Reyes, Carrol and Pocius to help the allegedly-injured Rudy Fernández, who had taken it almost personal.
Tariq Kirksay's time to untie the 21 point blackout. The question was Can we score again? You cannot give a four minute blank to the league leader. Despite all the fight and the blocking and the motivation, basketball is about scoring. And that was what happened after the technical fouls whistled against Real Madrid coach and center Reyes.
Let's start over.
But the dessed-in-white visitors stopped thinking in God knows what.
Reyes and Begic overtook the local centers. Then the long distance shooters Carrol and Fernández gained fresh air just before the shooting action. Little could be done but German Gabriel extra effort and Daniel Clark versus Slaughter, Sergio Rodríguez and the speed of pass and score of our arch-enemies. Half-time 52-58 proved the quality and voltage of a playoff game.
Then a quarter to forget.
Kuric could not bring a solution to Txus Vidorreta's questions. It was simply one of those fool set of minutes. Llull pressed the accelerator (5/8 at 3P) and the derby was over.
Yes ok the sprit of Asefa Estudiantes is not like that. Youngsters Daniel Clark and Lucas Nogueira pursued the impossible and Kirksay enroled in his defense as if he'd studied at the local High School. It was simply a problem of bench scoring and the hard work of visitors Llull and Slaughter was too high to be responded by Asefa Estudiantes.
We'll be back at the Spanish Cup.

ASEFA ESTUDIANTES 74 (21-31-12-10)
Fisher 0, Fernández 2, Clark 5, Granger 9, Gabriel 24, Kuric 5, Kirksay 6, English 16, Barnes 0, Nogueira 7. DNP: Vicedo y Guerra.
REAL MADRID CF 87 (23-35-14-15)
Draper 4, Fernández 17, Pocius 0, Suárez 1, Reyes 8, Mirotic 14, Rodríguez 9, Hettsheimeir 0, Begic 9, Carroll 6, Llull 15, Slaughter 4.
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