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Defeated at the heads or tails end (70-63)
ACBPhoto - F. Martínez
ACBPhoto - F. Martínez

Asefa Estudiantes totally lost the steering wheel of its own last minutes. For seven years on a row it was impossible to come home with a win at the Mad Croc Fuenlabrada arena. A hideous 2/25 at three point shots made it even more difficult. We could have taken the bus home with a better goodies' bag.

And this all goes about one team that starts solid and briliant. Then the local side gets closer battling at the mud and someone deciding it is going to be his day. Unexpected visitors to Asefa Estu part were this time center Feldeine and expat Sergio Sánchez.
Above all, a terrible average from the long distance. No matter you have Carl English and German Gabriel from the outside, when the basket does not want your ball in, just forget it. And basketball games are about clutching it in.
First periods were a symptomatic summary of work and being smart at the court. Ok it is not the shooters day today, let's add free-throws and rebounds to the stats and leave the time rolling. But it rolled against the visitors, who insisted on shooting it out while locals improved just the necessary to grab the win at the last two and a half minutes.
Because it started with rookie Lucas Nogueira at the starting five. He smashed and blocked for a first advantage, although Mad Croc Fuenlabrada could survive to settle a twentysomething-for-everyone.
As if everybody were thinking in something else, second period was an awful but funny and intense basketball period. Last we forget we are just about Christmas shopping. In fact, some of the players were at it, too. For good pack of minutes there was no scoring but who knows if thinking on which toys to buy.
Or which League one is playing at.
Nogueira and Granger enroled for some intensity-plus-common sense session and maintained the team at the High Street shopping mall battle. Carl English has kids and he knows it cannot be left for the final moments. So he pulled the strings and scored some free-throwing and showed the way to the rest of the team. And the team mates reached halftime with a decent +7 advantage.
The question is that local players had purchased all the toys for the children at the online business and got a second to disconnect.
Or something like that.
Shooting guard Mainoldi (4/13 at 3p) closed the gap and English tried to steer the game to a correct direction. But it was pre-Christmas chaos, loads of noise at the court and the yearly visit to Fuenlabrada started to be a terrible act of dispair.
The only issue Asefa Estudiantes was solid at was the rebounds, but Sené grabbed 10+9. For the rest, 2/25 at long-distance shooting was a very heavy load at our shoulders. Carl English scored no three-pointer, Gabriel and Clark just one.
Sergii Gladyr opened up with five points on a row but injured himself at a shot. All of a sudden, Sergio Sánchez could feel the warmth of revenge. His role at Mad Croc Fuenlabrada is getting to a mere specialist but he felt free for some moments. He scored and then hs scored again from outside the line. He acted as the spark local team needed.
And then Feldeine appeared. It frequently happens. Specially when you give air to an opponent and yuo don't kill the game. The problem is that our division is about difficult games and high pressure battling.
We will find more of these games in a close future.
Our 6-6 league standings os nothing but another weekend of hard working. We remain at the top-8 prior to the Cup and POs.
Did you make the Xmas list yet?

MAD CROC FUENLABRADA 70 (21-12-14-23)
Mainoldi 14, Sené 7, Gladyr 11, Vega 3, Colom 7, Laso 4, Feldeine 14, García 0, Sánchez 5, Cortaberría 0, Muñoz 0, Valters 5.
ASEFA ESTUDIANTES 63 (20-20-13-10)
Fisher 1, Fernández 1, Clark 3, Granger 9, Gabriel 15, Kirksay 6, English 16, Barnes 4, Nogueira 8. DNP: Kuric, Vicedo & Guerra.
Luis Arribas (@_spanjaard)
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