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Playin marbles for redemption (68-91)
J. Bernal - ACBPhoto
J. Bernal - ACBPhoto

 December 28th 2011 Asefa Estudiantes got into serious trouble after being defeated at UCAM Murcia. The 'whole thing' got definitely worse in May ... after losing again at game 34 against the same contendents. It was time, 367 days after, to close down hideous 2012 season and show a substantially different profile. Second chances are arriving to our side. That's pretty unusual in life. But the team is 8-7 and the opportunity to reach the top 8 for the Cup is a reality. But the shoolboys did not arrive and threw marbles and that'd be it. Visitors arrived to Murcia with several players getting out the injury list. Gabriel and Kuric covered the other guys with Granger and Kirksay did not stay keeping the other kids' schoolbags.

December MVP of the League German Gabriel sustained the scoring abeit Marcus Lewis power at the locals. Carl English and a susprising Josh Fisher got the trigger on fire at what it looked like one specialist-day. Fisher, Kuric (a solid 22 points) and Gabriel got the local kids busy with the accountability of lost marbles as Asefa Estudiantes had a sound 15-25 for the end of first period. This year we are seeing a much more proactive scoring team and we are used to the facts: if we score over 23 points at first period, we are being difficult to beat. Unless the other class kids spoil the playing. Which was not to happen against UCAM Murcia.

Coach Txus Vidorreta made all the team play. Clark started to score from the three-point line, and young guard Jaime Fernández froze the tempo to the required necessities. Marcus Lewis's rebounds (12) and energy (20pt) at the paint did not help much to the weak scoring from the small men Franch, Miso or Gatens.

Forward Jose A. Antelo, MVP from the last game, grasped the marbles and played hard and efficient from the sides of the court. But a serious Barnes and the sheriff Gabriel settleed the twenty-point difference at halftime. A projected 100 point game was not the ideal situation for local coach Oscar Quintana. Berni Rodriguez pressed the accelerator and UCAM Murcia soon got to exhaustion and, therefore, fouled into bonus. But Asefa Estudiantes was having a brilliant day from the FT.

And a bloke that signed his first pro contract and his name is Kyle Kuric. The young man started to develop what he's bee searching for some weeks. From every position (5/6 2p 83% and 4/6 3p 67%) he found a comfortable shooting position. Even the third three-pointer from Josh Fisher was sombered by the kid from Louisville, who was stretching the gap to a +24 that put local arms down.

One year after, the guys in red accepted it. A final 68 - 91was clear enough to lock the worst year of our history down.

UCAM MURCIA 68 (15-21-19-13)
Gatens 6, Antelo 10, Tillie 2, Franch 7, Ragland 5, Jasen 0, Barlow 8, MIso 0, Lewis 20, Rodríguez 10. DNP: Servera.

ASEFA ESTUDIANTES 91 (25-27-15-24) Fisher 9, Fernández 0, Clark 10, Granger 4, Gabriel 17, Kuric 22, Vicedo 0, Guerra 2, Kirksay 5, English 12, Barnes 10, Nogueira 0.

Luis Arribas
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