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Just about a step short (84-79)

Asefa Estudiantes adds another defeat at the Canary Islands. A notable game against CB Canarias at Tenerife lead to a heads-or-tails last minutes. Levi Rosts five consecutive points and bad luck set us out of the top 8. Tuesday at 9pm (local time) is a sort of rare time for a league game. All players started to get blurry 'down below'. Basketball was not the best seen at this year season but Carl English (20p) and Germán Gabriel started to score while Rost tried to get it even. Asefa Estudiantes reacted thanks to Tariq Kirsay and Jayson Granger. Visitor combo guard began to steer the game with common sense and a good average in first quarter long distance shoots. At the other side of the lane it was a question of tough and heavy guys. Jakim Donaldson (League highest player in rebounds) got onto action and equalled the figures. Txus Vidorreta timed it out to stop at 13-14. No problemo. Donaldson insisted on his defensive skills and impulsed local team towards a good mood. Sekulic and Úriz sealed 18-16 for end of first quarter. It had to be more of the same for a good part of the second period. Both teams had steamed up with English and Gabriel scoring for our side. Halftime figures of this week rumoured Carl English were a promising present for visitors: 8 pt & 5 reb for a league total 14. Just after the break ... there was a moment when it looked like the game was to be ours. Gabriel, English & Kirksay stretched the scoring to a +5. But (always a 'but') local clutch player Ricardo Úriz scored almost a consecutive 15 point series (he finished with a 20 league score for the game). It made CB Canarias to grasp the best of third period and made the visiting squad to sweat triple. Nevertheless, a feasible 58-56 was a good starting point to face the warm cheered local pavillion. The vibrating last period started with the kid from Louisville on fire. Kyle Kuric and Lucas Nogueira headed for Asefa Estu reaction that seemed definitive. That's what we wanted. That's what we all thought. Tariq Kirksay got to a double-double (10 pt 11 reb) but then it was Levi Rost's time. He got the 75-75 with 2 minutes to go. Saúl Blanco made it a three-pointer at the possesion limit. Rost again killed it with two FT for the 82-77 and it was the beginning of the end.

CB Canarias 84: Guillén (0), Richotti (2), Úriz (15), Donaldson (8), Sekulic (12), Bivá (8), Heras (3), Lampropoulos (6), Blanco (8), Rost (22)

Asefa Estudiantes 79: Fisher (2), Fernández (0), Clark (0), Granger (10), Germán (15), Kuric (12), Kirksay (10), English (20), Barnes (4), Nogueira (6).

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