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A little more than a seven-win gap (90-75)

Local big three Gabriel (20+8), Granger (17+7) and Clark (19) made victory to return home. Easter Sunday showed that it all was a question more of attack options rather than being seven won games ahead.

Manresa arrived with the necessity of grabbing one game to avoid the relegation and ex-local center Josh Asselin got straight into vengeance. Gabriel, Granger and Carl English stood in front of a tough team, though visitors took the lead (6-10) until the second unit entered the court and pressed the accelerator.

Jaime Fernández, Fisher, Kuric, Clark and Lucas turned it down. The forward from Louisville scored 5 points in a row and Fisher snatched the tempo of the quarter. Looking towards the court one could see new faces taking the responsibility. With a 31-24 score Kyle Kuric went on and on. His energy got him into foul trouble but those ref decissions were the ones that heated the mild Sunday look of the 8,000 attendance.

Both teams had more differences than a mere seven win gap (and Manresa close to the abyss of relegation). Small details showed that, unless drama, Asefa Estudiantes would get the win and get closer to playoff positions.

This time third period was a balanced example of inside-outside game. We had no blurry moments. Gabriel, Clark and guard Granger were not playing showtime exactly but somehow established a solid +15 lead.

Even though loads of FTs were missed and clear shooting positions did not come to a positive end.

Troy de Vries and Asselin put the red-striped visitors into the game again. It was again Fisher and Kuric (and an invisible Kirksay) the ones that took the lead. Along last eleven minutes it was proved that Asefa Estu had a good handful of resources. Nothing to do with last years' six depressing games. Unfortunately Carl English was lost again and somewhat pressed by difficult-to-understand technical decissions.

But there is no Carl-o-dependence anymore. On a black-ribbom mourning Sunday (Asefa CEO passed away recently) the blue spirit took over. English (with a sholder injury) brought us to PO position with his scoring. But the team has a sound and balanced set of players to make us enjoy the rest of the regular season.


 ASEFA ESTUDIANTES 90: Fisher 6, Fernández 10, Clark 19, Granger, Jayson17, Gabriel 20, Kirksay 0, English 2, Barnes 2, Nogueira 2 DNP Vicedo, Guerra

BÀSQUET MANRESA 75 Creus 5, Asselin 12, DeVries 13, Hernández 5, Arteaga 6, Palsson 0, Arco 5, Hanga 16, Yanev 3, Laviña 3, Aleksandrov 7

Luis Arribas (@_spanjaard)
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