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Who invited Bellas to this party? (72-64)

 Txus Vidorreta started with the higher couple Gabriel – Clark (not the highest) against the local difficulties to build the paint. Herbalife Gran Canaria could not count on Rey and Nelson and the local field could be overwhelmed. The tempo from the start favoured Asefa Estudiantes: high scoring. But there was a guard whose credentials hadn't bee scouted enough.

Tomas Bellas (5.9pt average for the season) found his day and largely contributed to reach 28-20 at the end of the first period.

Barnes and Granger got into work and combined a 10-1 offscore and visitors took some air. That rare and humid air at the CID arena.

Despite having a ronud of scoring from Kyle Kuric and Jayson Granger, there were some extra centimeters given to the game MVP: Bellas clutched some three pointers (6/8 for the day).

The shootout atmosphere brought Brad Newley into the mood. The chap from Adelaide (19pt, 17 league points) and Eulis Báez insisted on some pretty good minutes and stopped Germán Gabriel.

Last quarter started with a troubling 58-47 for Asefa Estudiantes.

Tariq Kirksay and again Gabriel reacted with good cake. Lucas Nogueira brought the cherry of that cake to a -3 difference and all the work prior to those minutes seemed like nothing.

From the canaries it was Tomás Bellas, who else? From the scholboys the pillars were called Kirksay & Clark (doesn't it look like a lovely gin brand?)

Though, Herbalife Gran Canaria had a mere five players with figures at their scoreboards. But they had Brad Newley to counter Kyle Kuric last shots and the local yellow squad got to fortify their PO position (16-12). Asefa Estudiantes has to wait (13-15) and who knows if we can still purchaset that last PO ticket.


 72 - Herbalife Gran Canaria (28+8+22+14): Bellas (31), Newley (19), Báez (9), Toolson (11) y Slokar (2), Scheyer (-), Domínguez (-), Beirán (-), Tavares (-).

64 - Asefa Estudiantes (20+12+15+17): Granger (14), Gabriel (10), Kirsay (11), Kuric (10) y Clark (8), Fisher (4), Fernández (-), Nogueira (2), Barnes (5), Vicedo (-).

Luis Arribas (@_spanjaard)
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