First award for Tariq Kirksay’s commitment

Game one of the Liga Endesa 2012-13 delivered the ‘fab five’ to our forward Tariq Kirksay, Albert Oliver, Manny Quezada, Spencer Nelson and Nedzad Sinanovic.

First award for Tariq Kirksay’s commitment

The first awards for the “Liga Endesa Top Five” included our fighting forward. These awards give recognition to five values at every game: leadership, efficiency, attitude, generosity and enthusiasm.

Check the game one winners.  

  • LEADERSHIP: Manny Quezada (FIATC Joventut)
  • ATTITUDE: Spencer Nelson (Herbalife Gran Canaria)
  • GENEROSITY: Albert Oliver (FIATC Joventut)
  • EFFICIENCY: Nedzad Sinanovic (Blancos de Rueda Valladolid)
  • ENTHUSIASM: Tariq Kirksay (Asefa Estudiantes)

 Journalists and professionals from five media will vote along the regular season. The ending standings will award the player with the most ‘BLUE ATTITUDE’ that is, a combination of the previous five values.   DOUBLE-DOUBLE  The french-american forward was one of the landmarks of Asefa Estudiantes’ winning to CB Canarias. His double-double: 10 pt + 13 rebs, ending with 21 at league points.   Just an example was Kirksay’s dunk just after a steal from the side line. Come to the court and check this up!