The perfect storm (88-66)

Three years later Asefa Estu gets into the Cup.

The perfect storm (88-66)

A 12.000 attendance packed again the Palacio. Asefa Estudiantes -that very team that sold out to certify the relegation to second league LEB – overwhelmed current Legague champion FC Barcelona Regal. A perfect defense was the building pile which launching the attacks from. Run and pass, old school identity that has slowly got back to the court.

Three years later Asefa Estu gets into the Cup. FIATC Joventut won against Blusens and total points Asefa Estudiantes, that will be among the first eight in the winter break. Right from the start Asefa Estudiantes proved a tight strategy. Against every action from the hyperactive Tariq Kirksay or Jason Granger, FC Barcelona delivered a high class scholarship with guys as Lorbek and Mickeal.

First quarter partial score 20-14 proved what is playing against the Champs like. Although a happy play, arms and shoulders from both sides delivered a battle to be recorded at the videos. Youngsters Dan Clark and guard Jaime Fernández pulled straight away from Barça’s defense. Lucas Nogueira smashed both boards and dunked and blocked as in a party.

Local poor squad was facing against millionaire with spped and style. Txus Vidorreta outnumbered Xavi Pascual in the coaches’ duel. For some time Barcelona was in absolute dispair. Nogueira extended is spider arms to block again and everything started to be glued as in those matches in the 80s. It was so unusually beautiful that a +16 for the local light blues at half-time sounded as irreal.

Pascual could not find the inspiration along his bench. Only Mickeal worked as a maniac to sustain his team. Barnes and Gabriel expanded the range of scoring for the schoolboys and one could realise that it was going to be a lovely day. You only had to turn the head up and picture that 60-33. As the demented fans shouted, that high-rise salary squad was loosing the compass just because star-guard Juan Carlos Navarro was out of the court.

The local festival reached insanity after Pete Mickeal was puished with a technical foul. Frustration and anger (nothing works at your playing) set the situation towards +34 for Asefa Estudiantes. Such an humilliation meant something: this year’s league is being a nightmare for the club of Messis and Iniestas. A deep psychoanalisis is to be done in order to reach playoff dynamics for Barcelona.

Long distance shooting from Wallace permitted the make-up of visitor’s numbers just before skilled defender Josh Fisher also made it from the three. Third quarter 72-43 and FIATC Joventut Badalona starting to come back for a win that would allow Asefa Estudiantes to get into the Cup.

A late reaction from Barça Regal sealed 7 points on a row although Kirksay and Carl English responded to leave the action to the children.Guerra, Vicedo, Nogueira, the future pillars from the team (unless some NBA team says the opposite) contributed to the party. … that was not complete until Blusens Monbus lost against FIATC Badalona. Then it got total. After three years and almost being relegated and all that crap, Asefa Estu goes to the Cup again. Let’s drink it.

ASEFA ESTUDIANTES 88 (20-22-30-16)
Fisher 5, Fernández 3, Clark 12, Granger 9, Gabriel 10, Kuric 1, Vicedo 0, Guerra 0, Kirksay 13, English 17, Barnes 9, Nogueira 10.

FC BARCELONA REGAL 66 (14-12-17-23)
Sada 4, Huertas 8, Abrines 2, Jasikevicius 4, Wallace 15, Rabaseda 5, Lorbek 10, Jawai 6, Mickeal 8, Tomic 4

Luis Arribas (@spanjaard)